Vandana Chinwalla’s Masala Shrimp

2 big onions (red or yellow), fine dice
1 big tomato, fine dice
2 green chili, dice
fresh kothmir
shredded coconut (fresh is best!)
½ lime
garam masala
garlic powder
1lb shrimp, de-veined

Fry onion in oil till well browned.
Add tomato and chili and fry well.

Add green chili, garam masala, haldi and garlic powder and mix.
Add salt to taste.
Add shrimps and coat with masala, cover lid and cook till shrimp are almost done.
Add coconut and half of the kothmir, cook till shrimp is done.
Add lime juice as everything is just off the stove.
Garnish with remaining kothmir and coconut.

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