Smokin’ Daal

Soak over-night:
¾ part toor daal
¼ part chaana daal

Marinate cubed lamb with bones overnight in paste made up of:
garlic, ginger, chili

cook together:
onions, tomato, chilis, kothmir, jeera, haldi

Add marinated lamb and cook till lamb is done.

Take out the lamb and set aside in a dish.
With a stick blender, or using a blender, puree the daal and masala.
Put the lamb back in the pot and let simmer.

jeera, clove, cinnamon, onion, curry pata, star anise

Cook till onions are crispy.

COAL for smokin’:
Make hot coals, preferably wood charcoal.
Place in heat-proof container, into daal pot.
Pour hot oil over the coals to create smoke.
Place lid over daal pot asap so that charcoal smoke remains in the pot and daal can absorb smoky-goodness.

Serve with rice.

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