Patalvalia Nu Biryan

5lbs lamb meat and bones, young lamb shoulder, approx. 2” cubes of meat

paste together to come to ¾ to 1c worth of paste:
ginger (1 part), garlic (1 part), green chili (2/3 part)

Marinate the lamb in the paste.
Slice 9 medium (approx. 2 ½” dia.) onions cut into long slivers.
Place a serious amount of oil at the bottom of a heavy pot (like Staub) on medium heat, cook the onions till golden, almond-like color.
add the following masala and mix with the onions:
haldi, jeera, garam masala, dhana powder, whole jeera, red maarchi

Put in the marinated lamb.
Stir it up every so often, so it’s not sticking. Total cooking time for the lamb could be 2 hours.

Simultaneous to lamb on the stove, prepare patras. Frozen patras can be slowly warmed on baking sheet at 350 F.

After the lamb is well cooked and falling off the bone, add 1c yogurt to the pot. Bring back to boil/simmer.
Spoon out into serving dishes and mix in baked patras, taking care to break as few as possible.

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