Vandana Chinwalla’s Masala Shrimp

2 big onions (red or yellow), fine dice
1 big tomato, fine dice
2 green chili, dice
fresh kothmir
shredded coconut (fresh is best!)
½ lime
garam masala
garlic powder
1lb shrimp, de-veined

Fry onion in oil till well browned.
Add tomato and chili and fry well.

Add green chili, garam masala, haldi and garlic powder and mix.
Add salt to taste.
Add shrimps and coat with masala, cover lid and cook till shrimp are almost done.
Add coconut and half of the kothmir, cook till shrimp is done.
Add lime juice as everything is just off the stove.
Garnish with remaining kothmir and coconut.

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Masoor Pulao


1lb mutton
½ c daal
1 large onion, sliced
½ t chili powder
¼ t haldi
¼ yogurt (whipped)
1 T garlic paste
1 T ginger paste
½ lime
3 green chilis, chopped
2 tomatoes

2c rice cooked with:
1 t whole jeera, 6 black pepper corns, 6 cloves, 2 black cardamom, salt, vinegar


Fry onions – biristo – crush and mix in: yogurt, red chili powder, haldi and lime juice. Set aside.

Fry onions – biristo – crush and mix in: yogurt, red chili powder, haldi and lime juice. Set aside.

Marinate lamb with ginger, garlic and chili paste. Add water and cook till meat is half-done.

Make the spiced rice.

Soak daal, then boil daal till half-cooked.

Add to cooked meat: oil, yogurt mix, tomatoes. Cook.

Add daal and finish cooking – till meat and daal are done.

Layer rice and daal/meat and bake in oven 350F for ½ hour.

Layer rice and daal/meat and bake in oven 350F for ½ hour.

Add kesar after mixing with milk and water.

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Patalvalia Nu Biryan

5lbs lamb meat and bones, young lamb shoulder, approx. 2” cubes of meat

paste together to come to ¾ to 1c worth of paste:
ginger (1 part), garlic (1 part), green chili (2/3 part)

Marinate the lamb in the paste.
Slice 9 medium (approx. 2 ½” dia.) onions cut into long slivers.
Place a serious amount of oil at the bottom of a heavy pot (like Staub) on medium heat, cook the onions till golden, almond-like color.
add the following masala and mix with the onions:
haldi, jeera, garam masala, dhana powder, whole jeera, red maarchi

Put in the marinated lamb.
Stir it up every so often, so it’s not sticking. Total cooking time for the lamb could be 2 hours.

Simultaneous to lamb on the stove, prepare patras. Frozen patras can be slowly warmed on baking sheet at 350 F.

After the lamb is well cooked and falling off the bone, add 1c yogurt to the pot. Bring back to boil/simmer.
Spoon out into serving dishes and mix in baked patras, taking care to break as few as possible.

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Smokin’ Daal

Soak over-night:
¾ part toor daal
¼ part chaana daal

Marinate cubed lamb with bones overnight in paste made up of:
garlic, ginger, chili

cook together:
onions, tomato, chilis, kothmir, jeera, haldi

Add marinated lamb and cook till lamb is done.

Take out the lamb and set aside in a dish.
With a stick blender, or using a blender, puree the daal and masala.
Put the lamb back in the pot and let simmer.

jeera, clove, cinnamon, onion, curry pata, star anise

Cook till onions are crispy.

COAL for smokin’:
Make hot coals, preferably wood charcoal.
Place in heat-proof container, into daal pot.
Pour hot oil over the coals to create smoke.
Place lid over daal pot asap so that charcoal smoke remains in the pot and daal can absorb smoky-goodness.

Serve with rice.

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Chapli Kabob

Marinate together for ½ hour or more:
4lbs beef
2 small tomato, diced
2 small onion, diced
2 eggs
3T ginger paste
3T garlic paste
3T oil

When ready to cook, oil up hands and make mini pattis, roughly 3T of mixture, like a meatball size. Roll and flatten in hands.

Heat oil in skillet
Drop pattis in carefully
Kabobs will plump up. Wait for browning on both sides.
Drain on paper towel.

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