August 2011

Nitin Bharani’s simple dairy ice cream (Lychee option)

1 can of lychee
1c whipping (heavy) cream
2c half & half
1 small can evaporated milk (full fat!!)
1 small can sweetened condensed milk

Mix all the dairy in a large bowl, starting with the thickest dairy.
Use whisk to combine well.

Wash canned lychees in a strainer with cold water.

Pulse lychees in blender or food processor, till slightly chunky.

Add lychees to dairy mixture.

Place in ice cream maker, following manufacturer’s instructions.

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Sakina Chinwalla’s Kopra Pak

300g Mavo
300g desiccated coconut (powdery kind)
300g sugar + fistful
5 eggs
½ t vanilla essence
¼ t baking powder

Grate mavo to shavings in a mixing bowl.
Use a mixer to mix after each of the following additions:
Eggs, sugar, coconut, vanilla, baking powder

Grease a 10”x12”x1” pan.
Bake at 300F, 45 to 60 minutes.
Remove when light brown color and/or toothpick test at center is clean.

Sakina Chinwalla’s Kopra Pak Read More »

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